"Women workers at discount rates! 25% less than their male colleagues! What a bargain!"


JOC Europe marches for Gender Equality, Brussels, 6th March, 2010

Today, 35 years after the direction of the European Union towards equality of remunerations, women are still today earning less than their male counterparts, in many cases up to 25% less. Here's what the European Commission's department of Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities has to say:

"Across Europe women earn on average 17.8% less than men and in some countries the gender pay gap is widening." (Gender Pay Gap - EC Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities)

This fact alone was enough to motivate militants from the movements of the JOC Walloon, CAJ Germany and our International YCW Coordinators to march together with around 5000 others on the streets of Brussels, on Saturday, 6th March, to celebrate and continue to demand the right to equality of millions of women workers dgfev online casino around the world for International Women's Day, 8th March.

JOC Europe participated in the organising committee of the World March of Women, leading up to the event, and thanks to the combined efforts of the members of the JOC Walloon, the CAJ Germany and the International YCW, we were able to create a space for the participants to gather, share stories and continue to learn more about the situation of young women internationally at their "Caféquality" which took place at the end of the march.

Presentations by a local group of the JOC Walloon demonstrated the perspective of young people on the place of women in society. Geethani Peries, International President of the IYCW, shared her personal story of precarious working conditions lived by young workers in the factory zones of Sri Lanka, and the CAJ Germany organised an exhibition and awareness raising enquiry drawing attention to gender stereotyping.

The struggle must continue! 35 years is too long to wait.

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