Demands of JOC-Europe

The YCW is an international Movement of young workers, for young workers, run by young workers. In the YCW, young people learn through action, to analyse, evaluate, and thus to understand their situations so that they can place them in a wider context and take action to change them.

In recent years YCW Europe's work has taken the form of a campaign against social exclusion and for an intercultural society. Through many of our local actions and projects, we have been able to identify the problems we young people experience on a day-to-day basis and to develop alternatives. The experience gained through the local actions and projects has been pooled and discussed at national and European levels.

This process also helped us to arrive at a more concrete definition of what we mean by social exclusion and an intercultural society.

Using the knowledge gained from pooling all our local actions we have developed this Bill of Demands, which voices the aspirations we young workers most cherish.


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