No to Putin’s war! No war logic! Solidarity with the people of Ukraine!

Putin's invasion of Ukraine makes us uncertain, shocked, almost helpless – but not speechless! We see pictures of fleeing people, of small children, workers, students, families, elderly people, who try to leave the cities as quickly as possible. We see bombed houses and we see endless war material.  We, the European Young Christian Workers, express our solidarity to the people in Ukraine, to the refugees and to all the victims of the war. This war of aggression was unleashed by Vladimir Putin on the basis of lies and historical falsifications only responding to an imperialist logic. We express our consideration and our respect to the people in Russia who denounce and mobilize against the war.  

We demand an immediate end to the war actions of the Russian military and the withdrawal from Ukraine. We demand diplomatic negotiations and initiatives that promote peace and the right to self-determination of the Ukrainian people.

It is difficult to defend peace in times of war. It seems important to us to affirm that peace is a policy which is built by solidarity between peoples, by the refusal of bloc logics and by the refusal of militarist investment.

We see the logic of war spreading in other states. Some EU countries are planning on investing huge amounts of money in military armament, using the conflict in Ukraine as an excuse to do so. This money creates powder kegs instead of peace. We want the means to be allocated to carry out peace policies. Where are the large sums for labour protection, climate protection, Covid consequences or education? What investments go into the promotion of democracy, the international exchange of young people or into solidarity-based economic projects?

We also hear about selection at the borders between "good" and "bad" refugees and see people reproduce this thought pattern in media. People are discriminated  because of the colour of their skin or their language and are turned away. What cynicism! We demand freedom of movement for all people who set out to escape war, injustice and repression. We Ask the european governements to welcome all the refugee with dignity and solidarity

Let us stand together in solidarity and act for dignity and peace: In the face of fear, choose courage. In the face of division, choose unity and in the face of aggression, choose peace.

CAJ Germany

KAJ Flanders

JOC Wallonie-Bruxelles

International YCW